Autumn sunshine with Mypure

Here in the south of Spain, the nights are getting chillier  - we even had the fire on 2 nights last week - but the daytime temperatures are still high, and even higher when we wind our way down our mountain to the coast below us.  As we often do - and a sudden blast of hot sun can still burn so we try and remember to keep an SPF spray in the car - remembering it back at home doesn't seem to work when you have just put a jumper on!

So my latest order for mypure natural beauty was one of their newest additions to the suncare range, Acorelle SPF 50 from the kids range - one to suit all of us and our fairer skin.  Hey, also just a tenner at the moment if you're fast.

It comes in a pump spray, better for the environment than the aerosols that are currently flooding the market.  A light spray is dispensed, with good coverage and is easily absorbed  It's not sticky either so you won't adhere to a sandy beach!  At this time of year here, one application is enough for a couple of hours, and so it's also economical. Will definitely purchase this one again from Mypure.

I also ordered Naturtint Hair Mask which I wanted to try out for a while now as I colour/bleach my hair.  I love the conditioners you get with a box of colour, but haven't found one to buy separately, until now. It's an intense protection that works from the inside out to protect the hair shaft and cuticle.  The result?  Soft and shiny hair. Love it.

Hair and skin - protected by those guardians of natural cosmetics - Mypure Natural Beauty.